the smoothie


tour de mallorca


Graffiti Output Device - simply wonderful

Powers of Ten - Charles and Ray Eames


shakespeare quarto's at the Britsh Library


old iron

arts & letters daily

What is design? - Charles Eames

Eduardo Torroja - brilliant Spanish engineer

Santiago Calatrava - amazing design engineer and bridge builder

extreme croquet society

Erik Demaine - MIT professor and surface folding explorer

great reading

Envisioning Information - Eduard Tufte

Grey Seas Under - Farley Mowat

All the work of Richard Feynman

The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell

The Boat Who Wouldn't Float - Farley Mowat

The Art of Possibility - Rosamund & Benjamin Zander

The Beak of the Finch - Jonathan Weiner

The Maigret Mysteries - George Simenon

Anything by Stephen J. Gould

The Travis McGee Series - John D. MacDonald