Boat Show Display


Miami Boat Show


Donald Ansley




The marketplace can be a fickle lover. Amid a flurry of yacht related work this past summer we suddenly found ourselves with a backlog of trade show spaces to create. Typically two excellent customers, two completely unrelated industries, and both with their shows on the same weekend. The calendar has 52 of them but nooooo - had to all fall on Halloween - trick or treat indeed!

The project featured here is unusual in that the entire exhibit space is floating - a 20 x 30 foot barge with a 136-foot motoryacht moored stern to at the back.

Link to the fine Dutch builder Heesen Yachts


After the push of long weekends and a couple of all nighters hurricane Wilma blew threw Fort Lauderdale and cause a postponment of the show by a week. The yacht Heesen was to display had a charter the following week so we had to wait until the Miami show in February to get pictures of the booth aloat.