Design is all around us - the best of course having been accomplished by the wonderful mechanisms set in motion by our maker. The lines of the female form or the glow of a tarpons scales or the helix pattern of a sunflower - yeah God wins. But we mortals try. My abilities seem to gravitate towards that level of design where details get resolved - how the leg joins a tables frame, or the precise proportion of a supporting knee, or the interplay of window line to roof.

In our increasingly technical world the process of moving information from design through to making requires imaginative and skilled engineering. Computer aided design and manufacturing tools (both software and hardware) give small companies very high-performance capabilities. Everything we create is modeled in 3D which allows us to work through in detail the precise construction approach. This in turn leads directly through to the programming necessary to drive CNC production machinery. Where necessary these 3D models are parametric in nature which provides customers the flexibility so often required to be competitive in today’s borderless economy.