3D Scanner


Knoxville, Tennessee



COMMENTS extends reach of its 3D modeling expertise with the addition of large scale 3D scanning capabilities.

ProCollector scanner from SL Laser GmbH provides fast data collection upon which accurate full size 3D models are created.

Knoxville, TN, November 10, 2008: is pleased to announce the addition of large scale 3D scanning to its suite of design, engineering, and fabrication capabilities. “The ProCollector from SL Laser gives us the ability to collect accurate full size dimensional data in the field” reports company owner Donald Ansley, “This data can be quickly imported into any one of several 3D modeling tools we use to create finished geometry for our clients .“ Sister company Interior Yacht Systems, LLC (IYS) is using the ProCollector to scan the mega yacht superstructures within which it installs exterior overhead systems. The accuracy of the data collected enables IYS to develop the detailed geometry necessary to drive NC cutting equipment in the creation of the supporting grid and finished panel elements. “Best part is it eliminates the onboard trimming and fitting typically associated with this type installation” Ansley reports. is a specialty design, engineering, and fabrication company in East Tennessee with facilities off Middlebrook Pike in Knoxville while Interior Yacht Systems provides comprehensive engineering and component fabrication services to large yacht builders worldwide -additional details available at and .