engineering conference table


Mamaroneck, New York


Donald Ansley




To accomodate the interior outfitting of Encore (Sparkman & Stephens) Paul relocated the joiner shop from the secondfloor of the original R.E.Derecktor building to the adjacent shed to the east and engineering moved into the vacated space. This new larger space made possible the addition of a large stand up conference table. In designing this table I played around with the extruded aluminum T-shapes used in sailboat building.


If you've never seen an Ekold machine work you've really missed something. Completely counter intuitive the machine appears to hammer away yet the material shrinks (gets thicker) rather than expanding (getting thinner.)(MetalShapers) Using this machine the same aluminum extrusions you see in the photograph can be shaped into the curved frames of a sailboat - with the T portion of the extrusion on the inside of the curve!