video wall


Bendminster, New Jersey


Donald Ansley




My work on this job was a sub project of the larger work of renovating the central nerve center of AT&T, their Network Operations Center. The focus of this job was a huge wall of rear projection video screens some 18 ft by 60 ft. The wall consisted of 96 translucent projection panels 1/4 inch thick. the original design called for a massive steel structure to support these panels. I presented an alternative design featuring a simple egg crate construction using Plascore honeycomb / fiberglass panels. These structural panels snapped together with a modular KD fitting and the screen panels where held in place with snap-in extruded aluminum trim piece. The resulting design was installed in one day and saved the company a six figure sum over the budged cost of fabricating in steel.


This project is one of the most dramatic examples of how much the details matter. The solution was an order-of-magnitute less expensive and faster to install.