Maine Wherry


Sarasota, Florida






I built this small pulling boat as an exercise in craft. Lapstrake planked in juniper (southern white cedar) with steam-bend white oak frames and fastened with copper rivets, the project was a joy from start to finish. To compliment the beauty of cedar and oak, I selected Honduran mahogany for the sheer clamp, knees, and thwarts.


I trailered this boat to California one winter. It was several weeks after my arrival before the opportunity arose to launch her into the teaming waters of Marina del Ray. Along for the day was a wonderful old family friend from Georgia Jamie Mackay (a former U.S.Congressman no less.) We launched the boat, Jamie jumped aboard and as I pushed him away from the dock I experienced a strange sensation, not quite verdigo, no not falling - agh! sinking. Two weeks in the desert climate and two planks aft had - unbenonced to me - split wide open. So, there before my eyes was my fathers college buddy, ex-Congressman, ex-navy officer fast approaching a swim. At the completion of recue operations we hauled the boat and retreated from the scene. I lost little time in getting her back to the moist southern climate from which she was born.