Sarasota, Florida


Donald Ansley




Simple strip built canoe. I do like the seat design, stout fir frame with nylon straps forming the seat.


Structures are so interesting. Even a form as basic as a canoe. When I pulled the shell off the mold frames it was this "noodle like" thing. So flimsy that it took three saw horses to keep its keel in line, and even after the sheer clamp was glued and fitted in place it was still limp. If two people picked it up from the ends it would sag in the middle (its sheer clamps spreading.) I new that the center thwart would take care of this and since the movement of the sheer clam was outward as the hull deformed I used an inlay dovetail joint.

When I finished chiseling out the dovetail I tapped the thwart into place. The mallet blows sounding all alike until the last two or three which released a drum sound, like rapping on a guitar body. As the thwart member seated finally home the entire canoe became the incredibly stiff structure. Supported at either end it no longer deflected at all.