40-ft Sportfisherman


Sarasota, Florida


John Holmes




John Holmes gave me unusual latitude on this project. What ever I was willing to tackle I could do. As a result I drew the lines, performed displacement and weight calculations, laid the lines down at loft, cut all the plate, erected the hull frames, welded the structure, and assembled the composite house structure. Powered by twin Cummins diesels the vessel runs full out all winter bottom fishing 50-75 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.


The owner of this extraordinary yacht founded the farm equipment company New Holland Machine. When time came to shape the aluminum plate forming the rounded stem I made a wood pattern of the inside shape, cut a chunk of 1/4" 5086 plate and shiped both to him in Pennsilvania. When the piece came back the press break marks were perfectly spaced and the resulting partial cone shaped piece fit the hull perfectly.