Sarasota, Florida


Bill Higgins




I was involved in all phases of the prototypes development and construction - including design and construction drawings, lofting and setup, tooling, fairing, sanding and painting. Bill and I together built everything with occasional help from a painter or a welder. This prototype development phase included significant R&D. The use of pre-preg composites were much less refined and tooling for such large parts required extensive experimentation.


Unless you've put in serious time at one end of an eight foot long four handle fairing board you've really missed something. There are in all the activities of men "the job" that divides those who will work from those who won't. With the board above your shoulders you know instantly if your mate begins to lag. Bill and I faired and sanded and faired and sanded for what seems like one whole summer. We'd blow ourselves off at lunch and drive down to the local dinner for a break but otherwise stood toe to toe at the two hull mold halves. Builds bonds you keep for life.

Years later I learned that Eric Goetz - one of our countries great boatbuilders - pulls every employee in the place into the fairing operation when that time comes. Office help, stockmen, mechanics, everybody - by pitching into a shopwide collective push they get the demanding task knocked out.