Savannah, Georgia


Swamp Yankee Kayaks




The coastal south is not the best hiking terrain. If you want to explore this region a small canoe or kayak is the thing. And if you lack interest in the more athletic requirements of open water, preferring the still water of creaks and marshes then a sea kayak can be clunky. Amid the cypress knees of Ebenezer Creek or the tight tidal meanders of St.Catherines creek a sea kayak can seem like a battleship. My brother Brad built a dozen of so of these small kayaks (design from Swamp Yankee Kayaks) with a Boy Scout troop in Rye, New York so I knew they were sweet.

My friend Holland Judkins needed a second boat as well so we put two together in my garage. In keeping with the whimsical paint scheme of the big kayak I selected the watermelon as the theme on my boat - ergo the name Melloncollie. Pink on the inside with black seeds and green on the outside I did break down and use gloss enamel paint - purchased however from Big Lot.